Team-based healthcare that includes you helps you stay healthier. When everyone involved in your care can safely share results and expertise more easily, health goals are achieved much more quickly.

Brightsquid Secure-Mail provides the security required to email protected health information safely so that you can more easily access care, help coordinate your care and feel better sooner.

What patients think


“It’s quick and allows for communication that doesn’t really need a doctor’s visit.” – Patient, Calgary


Your doctor can use Secure-Mail to:
  • Schedule appointments and send detailed reminders
  • Follow up with treatment plan reminders or notify you of changes
  • Check in on the effectiveness of treatment
  • Send you test results


You can use Secure-Mail to:
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Request non-urgent medical advice
  • Get test results in your inbox
  • Consolidate your healthcare records
  • Connect providers and keep all informed


Healthy facts about secure email

By accessing lab results and prescription renewals electronically, you can avoid visits to the waiting room. If everyone did it, Canadians would avoid 47 million in-person doctor visits each year.

The top 5 reasons patients use Secure-Mail to contact physicians:

  • A change in health
  • Discuss lab results
  • A new condition
  • Discuss changes in medication dosage
  • Discuss the need for a new prescription


Patients in contact with their physician through secure email see improved results on:

  • Blood pressure control
  • Cholesterol screening and control
  • Retinopathy screening
  • Kidney function screening
  • Diabetes control and screening


How to use Secure Health Exchange

Get invited:

If your doctor’s office hasn’t invited you to connect using Secure Health Exchange, let them know you’d like to use the system with them. You need to be invited by a registered clinic in order to activate your account.

Verify and activate your account:

Once you receive your invitation email, click the green button in the body of the email and follow the steps in the form to activate your account. You will need to make sure to use your date of birth as listed in your file to verify your identity.

It’s works just like email:

You’ll notice that Secure Health Exchange looks and functions much like your regular email account.
Your Inbox, Sent, and Trash folders are on the left.

Message threads are in the center column, grouped by message subject.

Clicking on a message thread opens a list of all the messages and replies sent under that subject line.

To send secure messages:

Start a new secure message by clicking “Compose” next to the Brightsquid logo in the top left. Or, click “Reply” to respond to a message from your doctor or their clinic.

When composing a message, make sure you only use the text box with the closed padlock icon to include private information such as details of your health and any identifying information about yourself. You can compose a message to your doctor in the unsecured (open padlock) text box, but it’s not necessary.

Take control of your healthcare

Request more information about using Brightsquid with your healthcare team. You can even ask us to invite your doctor.