Advance Your Breach Prevention with Custom Privacy Training

Brightsquid’s certified privacy experts design privacy courses tailored to your team, industry, user experience, and business function.

Trust our experts to create your employee privacy training

Privacy compliance training is a critical part of your organizational privacy risk management and breach prevention strategies. Off-the-shelf privacy training is too generalized to be practical and actionable across your business.

The Brightsquid Privacy Team delivers state-of-the-art compliance training, advice, and support for businesses across Canada.

Privacy Training Programs that are Relevant and Effective

Your employees need to know the rules and regulations related to their job in the jurisdiction(s) where they work. Uncertainty makes room for mistakes that cause privacy breaches. Your Brightsquid-prepared privacy training course will address the current realities of the privacy environment as they relate to your industry, employee roles, and region(s).


We offer self-paced interactive on-line learning tailored to your organization. The course content is engaging, applicable to employees based on role, and is offered in easy-to-absorb modules.


Curriculums include the latest regulations, environmental considerations, and policy changes to ensure jurisdictional, contextual, and regulatory relevance.


We include job specific details in the course and offer practical, and actionable advice that helps form good habits and processes across your team.

Proven Privacy Compliance Expertise

No one understands healthcare privacy like the Brightsquid Privacy Team. Our privacy experts possess a wealth of experience backed up by professional credentials from esteemed organizations such as the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals, the Privacy and Access Council of Canada, and the Government of Alberta.

Work with the most experienced Privacy Team

The always-learning team of Brightsquid privacy professionals is led by industry expert Ingrid Ruys. Our team has developed dozens of customized privacy courses, advised on compliance for hundreds of businesses, and written thousands of Privacy Impact Assessments.

Trust our experience creating privacy training around these topics:

Looking for Custom Privacy Training for Your Healthcare-Related Business?

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