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Advance healthcare with the latest information sharing technologies tailored to your organization’s needs.

Digital Healthcare Innovations You Can Trust

The HaTCH ecosystem accelerates the digital transformation of healthcare by establishing a privacy compliant foundation for innovations designed to improve communication across the spectrum of care.

Browse these applications to find new ways you can safely share information with other providers and patients to create meaningful efficiencies in your practice and the healthcare system. Every innovation included in the HaTCH app community goes through rigorous privacy compliance testing to ensure your data is protected.

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A near-infrared (NIR), reflectance-based technology that measures tissue oxygen saturation (St02) in superficial tissue.
An electronic consultation and referral solution that allows physicians to communicate via eConsultations, providing advice/direction for non-urgent, medical questions regarding patient care.
A motion-capture solution to objectively assess joint mobility of the patients in real-time and keep the patients engaged in their care process through visual progress indicators.

Advance Care With the Connected Healthcare Community

HATCH members (Hatchlings) gain access to our foundation of compliant frameworks as well as expert training, integrations with leading medical software, and an existing market of hundreds of thousands of end users. As part of the HATCH program, you’ll also integrate into the TELUS Health Exchange through Brightsquid’s existing connection.
  • Privacy Compliance

    Build privacy and security into your solution from the ground up with our training and technology.

  • Link Your App

    Leverage our HIE (health information exchange) services to securely share information with Canada’s largest health software providers.

  • Use Our Compliant Code

    Accelerate development by working with our code for features such as file compression, secure data transmission, and photo/file management.

  • Secure Managed Hosting

    Build your solution on servers managed to comply with the most strict privacy laws in the world.

  • Identity Services

    Streamline client identity management with our secure login.

  • Market Your Solution

    Hatch will promote your technology to hundreds of thousands of engaged users through our secure app marketplace.

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