The Brightsquid story

We are a privately held company delivering communication services that represent an important shift in how healthcare professionals communicate. Brightsquid makes sharing patient information faster, easier, and more compliant than ever before.

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Secure patient-centric

There is growing demand for greater patient access to health records and reliable information. Using Secure-Mail, physicians and patients can better coordinate care, strengthen relationships, save time, and speed the path to health.

Why communicate responsibly?

Using regular e-Mail to transmit patient information is NOT secure. Traditional methods such as fax, mail, and telephone are unreliable, slow, untrackable and insecure. Secure-Mail provides the security required to send protected health information to every stakeholder in patient health while expediting communication workflows.

More efficient healthcare

8 months into a practical trial of Brightsquid’s Medical-Grade Messaging service, one clinic has recorded significant process improvements and major efficiencies in the delivery of care. Implementing Secure Health Exchange has streamlined interactions with patients, labs, and other clinics,...

Why work with a privacy professional

Cate Campkin, Operations Manager at Dentrix DentalCare in Calgary, had been through the PIA process before - and it taught her a lot. The medical practice she was managing changed electronic records management systems and needed to file a new PIA. Working with a then government funded privacy...

Improve access to healthcare

Get remote access to your healthcare communications with the security protection you need. Safely access Brightsquid Secure-Mail from your phone, tablet, or laptop in or out of the office.

Send patients appointment information, billing details, test results, prescription refills, treatment plans, and answers to questions. All in a way that complies with privacy laws.

Patients – Get answers to follow-up questions, request refills, track referrals, and more without ever seeing the waiting room.

Thursday February 21, 2019

You’ve been forced to rely on the insufficient word of robots for too long, and it’s putting your practice and patients in jeopardy.…

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