Connect Brightsquid Secure-Mail to Your Alberta MyHealth Records Account

Get Better Access To Your Health Information

MyHealth Records is an online tool that allows Albertans 14 years of age and older to view their own health records.

When you connect MyHealth Records to your Secure-Mail account you’ll have one place to access and collect your personal healthcare information and communicate securely with your health care providers, including your doctors, dentists, mental health providers, and others.

You Do Not Need A MyHealth Records Account To Use Brightsquid Secure-Mail

If you arrived at this page through an invitation to create a Secure-Mail account, but don’t have a MyHealth Records account yet, we suggest you return to that message and click “Create Your Free Secure-Mail Account”. The process takes only a few seconds and you’ll have the information your clinic sent right away.

Secure-Mail allows you to communicate with members of your healthcare team virtually when an in-person visit may not be necessary or convenient – such as to provide follow-up information, share documents, and book appointments.

You can continue to use Secure-Mail independently of MyHealth Records, but we recommend that you link the two accounts so that you can be better equipped to have informed conversations with your healthcare professionals and take a more active role in your health and wellbeing.

Here’s how to get a MyHealth Records account:

Visit to learn more about MyHealth Records and how to sign up.

Link your Brightsquid Secure-Mail account to MyHealth Records:

Visit the MyHealth Records Help Centre to learn how to link your Brightsquid Secure-Mail and MyHealth Records accounts.