Expert Privacy Compliance & Breach Prevention

Ongoing privacy compliance can be overwhelming. Get the expert support you need from the certified Brightsquid Privacy Compliance Team.

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Up-To-Date Privacy and Compliance Expertise

No one understands the evolving world of Clinic Privacy the way we do. With decades of collective experience and knowledge, our privacy experts support your ongoing compliance with certifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals, the Privacy and Access Council of Canada, and the Government of Alberta.

Privacy breaches are the biggest risk to your clinic

Healthcare data and protected patient information is worth 100x more than credit card numbers on the black market. And we don’t mean to scare you, but there is a 25% chance your clinic will be hacked by cybercriminals in the next 2.5 years. Combined with the elevated risk of human error in healthcare settings, the chance of a breach in your clinic is high.

Here’s how Brightsquid helps your clinic stay safe from the crippling fallout of a privacy breach?

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

We study your current operations, technology, policies, procedures, communication channels, etc., to identify privacy or compliance gaps. This is done by conducting expertly prepared Privacy Impact Assessments that examine all areas of your practice and formalizing a comprehensive operations plan to establish ongoing compliance.

Up-to-date Expert Guidance

Interpretation of privacy regulations and how they apply to your daily operations is difficult and dangerous. Misinterpretation and missed requirements can close clinics down. Get trustworthy answers to all your privacy compliance questions from our always-learning privacy professionals.

Actionable Compliance Training

Privacy compliance training, breach prevention, and cyber security awareness training courses are included for all members of your team. Courses are online in bite-sized chunks so staff can be trained as soon as they join your team, and refresh annually without distracting from their regular duties.

Ongoing Compliance Support

Like all technology, cybersecurity tools, and policies also need to stay up-to-date with current trends and innovations. Our team will help review your clinic’s privacy policies, procedures, and technology to ensure that your operations align with the latest regulatory updates.

Seamless Integration with Your Business

A smooth integration process and ongoing guidance are the two most important aspects of a successful technology partnership. At Flowforms, we offer both and go a step further to ensure that your app features and workflows are perfectly set up and synchronized.

Comprehensive Integration Support

In-Depth Guidance and Support

Data Features and Workflow Synchronization

Ongoing Support and Updates

Be Sure Your Clinic Is Compliant and Secure - Complete a PIA

HIA, PIPEDA, or HIPAA Compliance isn’t just good for business, it’s imperative for a clinic’s survival.

Privacy regulations are established based on best practices to keep patient information safe and protect your clinic from suffering the damage of a privacy breach.

An expertly prepared Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) examines all areas of your practice to ensure safe, secure, and compliant policies and procedures are in place. It’s the only surefire way to be confident your clinic is operating in compliance.

FREE Compliance Checklist

Use this Privacy Compliance Checklist, created by our team of privacy experts, to understand all the areas that must be considered to establish and maintain privacy compliance, protect your patients, and help prevent privacy breaches.

Get your team properly trained in privacy compliance and breach prevention

Privacy compliance is not common sense. Training is critical to ensuring that compliant practices are implemented properly across your entire team. Clinics that subscribe to Brightsquid privacy support services receive online privacy compliance, cyber awareness, and breach prevention training based on the realities of the healthcare environment.

A proper training and awareness program helps establish a culture of privacy compliance throughout the organization.

Your staff will learn their responsibility for protecting patient information, applicable regulatory requirements, and how to avoid common privacy breaches.

Get On-call Professional Breach Support

You don’t have time to figure out your breach response in the panic of a privacy incident.