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Preferred by 1000s of healthcare organizations across North America

Be More Effective With Clinic Time

Over 90% of healthcare professionals agree fixing administrative process is the best way to improve care. Let us help you simplify clinic administration flows and prevent privacy breaches.

Fast, Easy, and Secure Healthcare Communications

Secure-Mail streamlines your clinic in the same way email revolutionized business communication. Optimize clinic operations and get back days of time staff spend on unnecessary typing, printing, and tracking/follow up.

A Connected Community Making Healthcare Easier to Manage

Over 50,000 practices use Secure-Mail as one cost-effective channel for all their clinical data delivery. You get secure digital two-way communication with 80,000 professionals in our directory. Invite clinics and patients you work with to their own free account no matter their profession or which practice management software they use.

Privacy Compliance and Breach Prevention

Secure-Mail is built on a technology foundation that ensures information security. All the data you transmit will be encrypted in motion and at rest.
Our intelligent system blocks spam, phishing, and ransomware attacks that often slip through regular email filters.

Quick and Simple Upgrade for Easier Days

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is the messaging system we’ve all been dreaming of – super easy-to-use, convenient, can be used back and forth with anyone, as secure as humanly possible, and most importantly, comes with a quick and hassle-free setup.

Any documentation you fax, mail, or email to any patient or professional can be quickly attached to a Secure-Mail message and sent in full compliance with privacy requirements.


Shared Inbox


500 MB Attachments


Message Recalls


Multi-organization Management

Upgrade Your Communications for Easier Days

A healthcare messaging and file transfer system we’ve all been dreaming of – Brightsquid Secure-Mail is easy to use, convenient, usable with anyone, privacy compliant from the ground up, and most importantly, offers quick and hassle-free setup.

Any documentation you fax, mail, or email to any patient or professional can be quickly attached to a Secure-Mail message instead and sent in full compliance with privacy requirements.


Compliant Shared Clinic Inbox


500 MB Attachments


Automatic Read Receipts


Create Free Accounts for Anyone

Your Privacy Compliance Experts

Privacy compliance is critical to keep your clinic operating. Following compliant practices tailored to your clinic mitigates the risks of cybersecurity threats and privacy breaches that damage your reputation and must be reported.

Our team of certified privacy experts will craft your Privacy Impact Assessment, establish proven breach avoidance policies and procedures, and support your Privacy Officer.

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Prevent Privacy Breaches and Build Perpetual Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance is critical to keep your clinic operating, and it factors into every decision you make. Your challenge is staying on top of, and prepared for, the ever-evolving privacy landscape.

Our team of certified privacy professionals will support your practice with up-to-date expertise so you can stay ahead of privacy threats.

Why Your Clinic Needs a Secure Mail Service

Every day, we meet clinic managers and owners who seek innovative digital health solutions that improve the operational efficiency of their clinics without compromising patient care or data privacy. Brightsquid offers a secure mail service that not only protects patient data but also streamlines clinic operations.
You don’t have to disrupt your current workflows to implement our secure mail accounts. Secure-Mail was designed and refined in clinics to support process efficiency. When your staff is spending less time managing phone calls, printing, and faxing patient results, or preparing emails, they are more effective in coordinating patient visits.

Clinic Management Tips From Clinic Managers

Most clinics are too busy treating patients to plan and implement process efficiencies. We regularly share administrative best practices that clinic managers tell us make a difference in their practice.

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Safeguard Patient Data Privacy with Secure Mail

The safest and the most secure mail service for exchanging information with your patients is through Brightsquid. Here’s why –

Join thousands of healthcare professionals who trust our healthcare communication solution to safeguard patient communications. Upgrade to Secure-Mail and prioritize privacy in every email you send.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brightsquid?

Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. delivers modern communications services that help healthcare teams share patient information more quickly and easily than ever before. We offer our privacy expertise to assist clinics and organizations with ongoing privacy compliance in the form of Privacy Impact assessments, training, breach assessment and reporting, and more. 

What is Brightsquid Secure-Mail?

Closely modeled after email, Brightsquid Secure-Mail connects all members of any healthcare team (including patients), to accelerate care through increased access to information. The result is greater access to care and increased care quality.

Who uses Brightsquid?

Brightsquid is the trusted leader in secure communication, providing a compliant email service for all healthcare providers including medical offices, dentists, allied health, specialists, labs, and patients.

Boost Clinic Performance with Brightsquid

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