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From full Privacy Officer duties coverage to on-call compliance support and resources.

Prepared Privacy Officers Prevent Privacy Breaches

Privacy Officer duties are critical to the ongoing protection of confidential information in your organization’s care. Brightsquid Privacy Officers are prepared to help.

In the world of evolving privacy compliance regulations, cyber security threats, and technology innovation, fulfillment of the Privacy Officer job description demands planning, up-to-date expertise, and significant time.

The Brightsquid Privacy Support team of certified privacy professionals study the privacy landscape to understand and implement safeguards necessary for ongoing privacy breach prevention.

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Privacy Officer services and support

The Oncall Privacy Compliance Expertise You Need.​

Outsource your privacy compliance functions to the team that has seen it all.

Access up-to-date privacy compliance guidance when you need it with a Brightsquid Privacy Support subscription. We can be your Privacy Officer, or be your Privacy Officer’s team.

Our team of experienced privacy advisors has supported more than 1,000 healthcare organizations in establishing and maintaining privacy compliance. We know the role of Privacy Officer, from PIAs and agreements to audits and training.  

We can complete required documentation, design and deliver privacy training courses, provide breach investigation and reporting guidance, and even serve as your organization’s Privacy Officer.

The Outsourced Privacy Officer Advantage

While in-house Privacy Officers are a dedicated resource, the role is often too large for one person to manage alone. Certified privacy professionals are in short supply. And who covers off when they’re away?

The outsourced Privacy Officer model developed by Brightsquid provides “always-on privacy expertise” when you need it, without the added costs of a full-time employee. 

Our team of certified privacy professionals works closely together to ensure coverage in the event of any absences. 

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The Brightsquid Privacy Support team is experienced in all aspects of healthcare privacy compliance. Our Privacy Officer framework can be applied to any healthcare organization with little ramp time.

Brightsquid Privacy Officer Package Includes:

When a member of the Birghtsquid Privacy Support team serves as your Privacy Officer, you know your compliance is well-managed and privacy risks are mitigated.

Our team-based approach creates economies of scale that support privacy program effectiveness and cost efficiencies for your organization.

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Privacy Officers Face More Challenges Than Ever.

Accomplishing Privacy Officer duties without the support of a team is difficult.

Privacy Officers need to monitor ongoing compliance as laws and their interpretation evolve to catch up to technology. This includes ensuring all software and hardware are compliant and up-to-date and performing regular audits for unauthorized access to private information.

In a world where patient data theft is a lucrative occupation, Privacy Officers need to be aware of cybercriminal tactics and how risks to data privacy, such as ransomware, can be prevented.

With the increasing public attention to privacy, Privacy Officers must also be conversant in the regulations and the reasons behind each safeguard your organization has in place. 

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Get On-call Professional Breach Support

You don’t have time to figure out your breach response in the panic of a privacy incident.