Custom Secure Online Patient Forms

Use Brightsquid Secure Forms to collect patient histories or consent, conduct pre-appointment screening, and more.

Stop wasting hours entering form data into patient records.

Move patient data collection online using Brightsquid Secure Online Forms to save your clinic staff hours of unnecessary effort, keep appointments running on time, and become more paperless.

Of unnecessary effort every month

Streamline patient data collection

By creating a simple yet secure process for advance patient data collection, Brightsquid Secure Online Forms allow your clinic to eliminate typing, printing, and scanning while maintaining data security and privacy.

Data Security and Compliance

Stay compliant while gathering data as your patient information remains safe within the Brightsquid network. This reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive patient information.

Streamline Appointment Management

Send patient forms in advance of appointments so that data is in the system when patients arrive. No form prep, no scanning, no typing handwritten forms into the patient record.

Improved Patient Experience

Patients appreciate the convenience of filling out forms digitally, often at their own pace and prior to appointments. This can enhance patient satisfaction, reduce wait times, and support more effective encounters.

Secure Form Standard Templates

Your Brightsquid Secure-Mail account comes with a set of standard Secure Forms which your staff can use to save time and collect basic information before scheduled appointments. Created to include typical onboarding and appointment prep fields and questions, these forms can save staff hours and reduce overhead at your practice.
  • Patient Medical History Form

    Collect a comprehensive overview of a patient's health background, including past medical conditions, surgeries, allergies, current medications, family medical history, etc.

  • Collect Pictures

    Provide a template for patients to share visual information with their healthcare providers to support virtual and in-person consultations, treatment follow-up, or remote diagnosis..

  • COVID-19 Screening Form

    Assess patients for COVID-19 symptoms, recent travel history, exposure to infected individuals, and other risk factors before they are on-premises without clogging phone lines.

Need a Custom Form for Your Clinic?

Let us help you design custom forms that improve your data collection and patient engagement. Speak to our experts today!