Proactive Care For Improved Outcomes

Use Brightsquid Automated Screening Programs to easily identify patients for preventative treatment.

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Support Early Intervention and Long-term Health

Proactive screening can identify potential health risks at an early stage, often before patients recognize symptoms. Brightsquid Automated Screening Programs make it easy to identify patients early when interventions are more likely to be effective and ultimately improve health outcomes and quality of life.


All that is required is a list of patients that meet screening criteria. The Brightsquid system will automatically send them secured information related to relevant conditions along with a screening questionnaire that is privately delivered to your clinic for review upon completion. 

Early Detection and Treatment

When you are able to identify conditions in their early stages, you can offer timely interventions and treatments that are more effective and lead to better health outcomes.

Low Effort, High Yield

You can control the volume of patients entered into screening and the frequency with which patients are added to the care plan. Participating clinics remark that the impact achieved in months would have taken years if working manually.

Long-term Health Benefits

By promoting overall well-being and minimizing the impact of chronic diseases, these screenings can help extend an individual’s healthy lifespan and reduce the burden of chronic illness.

System-Wide Effectiveness

Preventive measures and early interventions generally require fewer system resources than treating advanced diseases. Early detection and treatment can help lower healthcare costs for both individuals and the healthcare system as a whole.

Our Automated Screening Programs

Diabetes Risk Screening Program

Diabetes continues to affect more Canadians than ever before, signaling a need to reassess our approach to managing this lifestyle disease. In an attempt to increase awareness about the condition and its possible complications, Brightsquid has worked with experts in the field to put together a Diabetes Risk Screening Program to proactively identify and reduce the risk of future complications.


The screening empowers individuals with knowledge about their health status and provides them with an opportunity to make informed decisions that can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Early detection of risk factors allows patients to work with healthcare providers for lifestyle modification support and medical guidance if required.

HPV Vaccine Program

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus that can cause life-threatening health conditions. Created in partnership with Merck Canada, our HPV Vaccine Awareness program aims at increasing patient knowledge and accessibility to the life-saving treatment, as well as creating a supportive environment to address any concerns and make informed decisions.

All communications delivered to patients clearly identify your clinic and their associated provider to establish recognition and support patient engagement.

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

Education and Awareness
Patients receive a comprehensive education about HPV, its risks, and the crucial role treatment can play in their long term health. All information provided was created and approved by an independent scientific committee.
Secure Screening and Assessment
Patients are automatically sent a link to authenticate into a personalized secure web page that contains educational materials and a peer-reviewed screening questionnaire. When the questionnaire is completed, a copy of their answers is delivered to your clinic through Secure-Mail and patients are offered the opportunity to book a consultation about their results.
Vaccination Consultations
If the questionnaire indicates a benefit from treatment, you can offer personalized consultations to address patient questions, concerns, and treatment options.
Impact and Rates of Engagement
Participating clinics see that approximately 5-15% of patients entered into the HPV Awareness program engage in consultation and treatment, and staff easily handle the minimal effort required. The program does the work of identifying the patient who will benefit most from accessing life-saving HPV vaccination.

We can build Custom Online Screening Forms

If there are other conditions your clinic is focused on that you would like to screen patients for, Brightsquid can create secure online forms that can be delivered to your patient panel privately through Secure-Mail.