Patient Changemaker: Be a Prepared and Engaged Member of Your Team

Healthcare gets better when we all work together. That includes patients as much as professionals.

For the patient, Amanda, being an engaged member of her healthcare community is important. 

When it was time for her annual physical appointment, she worked with her clinic using Secure-Mail to make sure she and her doctor were prepared with all the right information beforehand to expedite her care plan and optimize her health.

When her clinic Secure-Mailed requisitions for lab tests and scans prior to her appointment, Amanda was able to act quickly (without an extra trip to the clinic) to get her doctor the information she needed to assess Amanda’s health. A few questions about a second round of tests were easily cleared up using the secure communications channel without distracting from the doctor’s day or requiring a game of phone tag. 

With just a few Secure-Mail messages, Amanda and her doctor were prepared for the appointment and quickly established a care plan to accelerate Amanda’s health.  

By using Secure-Mail instead of phone, or in-office visits, Amanda helped her clinic be efficient and more effective in the care they provide her, and other patients. She also saved herself time and kept her health on track by being proactive and collecting a reference-able record of communications with her clinician.

Here is Amanda’s full experience with using Secure-Mail to be prepared and support her healthcare community: 

“I had an upcoming annual physical appointment with my general practitioner. We used Brightsquid to communicate about some concerns I had in advance of the appointment. She used Brightsquid to share requisitions for me to get scans and bloodwork. So much simpler than having them snail-mailed or having to pick up hard copy in person. 

“When she got the initial bloodwork results there were some numbers that were concerning. She shared this with me over Brightsquid and then a new requisition to get follow-up bloodwork done. I had some questions about the bloodwork instructions and was able to sort that out with the Doctor via Brightsquid. 

It made SUCH a big difference to be able to securely communicate with my physician in this manner. A phone call to ask the Doctor a question was a time-consuming task in pre-COVID days and now it can take hours and voicemails back and forth. Using Brightsquid really improved my experience as a patient. When I had my actual in-person appointment, we had the test results and information on hand to discuss a plan of action moving forward. I really appreciate this efficient and patient-focused use of technology. Thank you!”

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