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Secure Messaging, large file transfer, and automatic Privacy Breach Prevention

Healthcare Data Delivery Done Right

Over 92% of healthcare professionals agree administrative efficiency is the fastest way to advance patient care.

Do for your clinic what email did for business in the 1980s – eliminate extra cost and process.

Fax, mail, and phone waste time and resources. Declutter your day with the Clinic Performance Package free for 2 months:

  • Brightsquid Secure-Mail accounts for 1 clinician and 5 staff
  • Bulk Messaging with automatic breach prevention
  • Clinic Operations Optimization
  • Privacy Breach Prevention Training

A Simple Solution for Smoother Clinic Management

Your Brightsquid Clinic Performance subscription will support greater clinic well-being so that you can provide optimal care. You’ll find visible improvements in clinic operations with Secure-Mail, in just a couple of months.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Engage with patients more effectively, leading to improved treatment adherence and ultimately better patient outcomes.

Increased Daily Visits

With streamlined communication and enhanced patient engagement, clinics using Secure-Mail often experience an increase in the average number of daily visits.

Continuity of Care

With Secure-Mail, patients feel more connected to their healthcare providers, leading to more consistent medical care and follow-ups.

Patient Satisfaction and Retention

Enhance patient experience by providing easy access to their healthcare providers and prompt responses from clinics, leading to higher patient retention rates.

Privacy Breach Prevention

Secure-Mail’s encrypted communication platform ensures that sensitive patient information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Reduced Printing Costs

Enjoy a reduction in printing and consumables costs with almost no need for printing materials such as appointment reminders, lab results, and treatment instructions.

Better Communications for Better Well-being

Secure-Mail is a simple concept with powerful impact on your clinic performance beyond block privacy breaches like ransomware and phishing attacks. 

Refocus staff time on more productive tasks such as recall of lapsed and chronic care patients, or screening patients for issues that might not be properly identified. Eliminate clinician burnout by strengthening supports, reducing data entry, and focusing their time on actually providing their expertise more often throughout their day.

We’ll work with you to establish workflows, custom templates, and onboard your patients.

No Charge Change Management

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is painless to implement, but you shouldn’t pay while you adopt new processes.

Click the free trial button, fill in the form, include your credit card for verification purposes (Brightsquid is a closed, private network with no spam), apply your coupon code, and you’re ready to go.

Our Support Team will reach out with tips and tricks to get you started.