How ‘Brightsquid’ means better coordination of care

How does Brightsquid stand for better coordination of care?

Sometime around early 2007, a radiologist in Calgary was frustrated with the complexity of sharing patient data safely.  Too often, when he needed to send an imaging file for consultation, the file arrived after a decision had to be made. Coordinating patient care and accessing the right expertise should be easier than putting a thumb drive in the mail with your fingers crossed.

He conceptualized a secure online messaging and file exchange for near-instant patient data delivery. The system would be built with privacy compliance at its foundation and enable communication and care coordination between all members of the healthcare team.

While planning out the solution, the team learned about bioluminescent squid that illuminate dark regions of the ocean. Bringing light where there is darkness sounded exactly like what the secure digital health data exchange system was being built to do (not to mention what radiologists do).

It’s a movement in support of interconnected team-based care.

Today, Brightsquid serves over 500,000 users across North America and beyond who send thousands of messages and files each day. Healthcare professionals from dozens of specialties use Brightsquid Secure-Mail. They can better coordinate care and connect securely with each other and patients. All without worrying about data privacy. We call it the Connected Healthcare Community.

By connecting anyone, anywhere, Secure-Mail helps get critical information to the right people at the right time to accelerate the coordination of care and optimize patient outcomes. 

To learn more about how care coordination across the circle of care, join our monthly meetings of the Connected Healthcare Community here.