What is the connected healthcare community?

Let’s define the Connected Healthcare Community.

If you have a Brightsquid account, whether as a healthcare professional or a patient, you are a member of the Connected Healthcare Community. 

What does that mean?

The Connected Healthcare Community is made up of hundreds of thousands of people who use Brightsquid Secure-Mail to safely, easily, and quickly share healthcare data across the silos of healthcare and throughout the circle of care – including with patients.

The Connected Healthcare Community was founded to advance care.

The Brightsquid community was founded by a pediatric radiologist who did not have a fast enough way to securely send imaging files for consultation. Too often, he had to proceed with a care plan before the expertise he was seeking could arrive. 

Brightsquid Secure-Mail users can send and receive data with anyone else on the network, and they can invite new users to join the community in a matter of seconds. Files up to 500MB in size can be attached to Secure-Mail and there’s no limit to the number of attachments per message. That means pretty much any diagnostic image file can be sent at full resolution. 

Actual team-based healthcare is reason we’re all here.

One of the most impactful ways we can address the access crisis in healthcare is by sharing demand across the circle of care. However, information is still siloed within clinics and facilities so decisions regarding care  are rarely fully informed.

While EMRs and Practice Management Systems continue to advance the administration of patient data within clinics and networks, they can limit the sharing of information across the entire care team. Often clinic management software has a mechanism to share with others using the same program but because those solutions are often tailored to one profession within healthcare, the scope of communication omits much of the rest of the patient’s care team. 

Proper patient engagement requires a patient perspective.

If a patient portal provides patients with access to their information but no mechanism to share it with others in their care team, we’re solving communication one one spoke of the care circle while creating a new problem for patients. 

How can they safely pass information from one provider to another without endangering their own privacy? Part of the answer is that patients are burdened with managing multiple accounts for multiple relationships and keeping it all straight. The outcome is that patient adoption is low as they struggle to learn the interface for each new portal invitation they receive. 

Remember how long it took your team to implement a new software program? Imagine doing it 6 to 12 times.

The Connected Healthcare Community is here to solve these challenges in healthcare to safely create healthcare system efficiency and advance patient outcomes. 

If you’re already part of it, thank you for your contributions to making healthcare easier to manage. Have you registered for the User Group Meetings?

If your clinic hasn’t joined the community yet, try Secure-Mail free for 2 months.