You will be able to send as many secure and privacy compliant messages as you need, connect with patients, and invite other clinics to communicate with you through their own free account. 

Brightsquid support staff will work with you to establish workflows and onboard your patients.

When you sign up, a credit card is required as part of our verification process but you will not be charged until you decide to continue your subscription after 2 full months of free service and support.

Following your trial, Secure-Mail is a monthly subscription that is just $39.99 with no annual commitment. 

Benefits clinics see when using Secure-Mail:

Increased adherence to treatment plans
11% increase in average daily visits
Increased patient satisfaction and retention
Increased provider satisfaction
Increased staff retention
Privacy breach prevention
Improved patient attachment and continuity of care
Reduced no shows
Eliminate costs associated with mailing
Reduced printing and consumables costs
Ransomware attack prevention