Secure Mail

Secure-Mail protects your clinic and patient data from cyber threats in compliance with privacy regulations. With many ways to use secure email in the day-to-day running of your clinic, Brightsquid Secure-Mail delivers confidentiality and efficiency that elevates your clinic confidently into the digital age.

$39.99 (Monthly)



With over 1.9 million messages sent and almost a decade working with clinics across North America, Brightsquid Secure-Mail is built with features and functionality tailored to you unique clinic needs.

Block ransomware with our threat scanning software that does not let cyber viruses onto your clinic’s network.

Read receipts replace fax success messages with the knowledge that your message was actually read by the intended recipient.

Shared inbox allows your clinic to triage messages to the most appropriate person while still protecting staff and clinician time, and to store messages in a central location available to assigned team members so that no message is missed and everyone is kept up-to-date.

Connect with anyone. As a subscriber, you can invite any other clinic, clinician, or patient to communicate with you for free. And you can copy as many members of a patient’s care team as necessary to fully coordinate care.

Send 500MB attachments (as many as you need per message) to get any diagnostic file anywhere it needs to go at lightning speed.

Our Telus MedDialog integration means we can send to Brightsquid users right from a patient record, and they can reply back into the EMR.