Help Your Patients Respect Your Time By Respecting Theirs

Clinics get hectic quick and it’s important to stay present with patients who are physically at your office. Here’s how Yardley Prosthodontics uses Secure-Mail to stay focused on patients and elevate care by spending less time on the phone coordinating care and more time with patients.

Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez is a private practitioner and the owner of Yardley Prosthodontics. She has been using Brightsquid Secure-Mail since the HIPPA act came into effect and hasn’t used any other encryption platform since. Secure-Mail has helped her and her clinic excel at providing exceptional patient care. She uses it to have important conversations about patient care without having to connect around other practitioners’ busy schedules. She says “Having to stop in the middle of an appointment or even between appointments, to answer the phone takes time and care away from the patient who is in the chair, and it puts you behind. You must be committed to your patients time.”

Accelerate your referral process

Secure-Mail’s invite anyone feature connects you to any member of a patient’s care team (including the patient) in one secure channel to deliver exceptionally fast care with all the opinions needed. Dr. Torres-Melendez can receive and manage referrals much more efficiently so she can see patients more quickly and provide follow-up to referring dentists in a fraction of the time and cost.

Secure-Mail helps keep everyone in the loop about what is happening with the patient. Dr. Torres-Melendez, says“It’s a remarkable use of technology. You can be as thorough as you can when communicating with others. She also states that there should be“no excuse to not be using this platform of communication.” 

Many clinics even use Secure-Mail to schedule and manage appointments much more quickly because information can be delivered almost instantly with all required documents attached and in the hands of the specialist in less than 2 minutes. Copying patients on the referral thread gives them visibility into the process and reduces follow up calls from patients wondering where their referral sits. Read receipts prove when a message was read so appointment reminders can be tracked.

Create a patient-provider team using Secure-Mail

Dr. Torres-Melendez believes that she and her patients need to be on the same page. She says patients and providers, “need to be a team and both sides need to know what is happening.” 

Many clinicians say that when talking to patients over the phone,patients comprehend less than 20% of their conversation. That can be dangerous for the patient, negatively impact treatment adherence, and in turn, lower patient perception of your clinic.

With your Brightsquid Secure-Mail account, it’s easy to share appointment and treatment notes so patients can look back at your conversation and have a written history of what was discussed. Read receipts show you when messages are read and message recall means you can withdraw access to the information you no longer want patients to see.

Stop wasting time

Secure-Mail eliminates the need to align schedules because complete communication can happen as time allows. No more cryptic voicemails. No more annoyed patients on hold. And it’s impossible to have a no-show for a virtual visit conducted over Secure-Mail. Communicating via Secure-Mail is a respectful use of everyone’s time.

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