Bodiometer Pro

Bodiometer Patient Engagement Platform

Bodiometer provides a motion-capture solution to objectively assess joint mobility of the patients in real-time and keep the patients engaged in their care process through visual progress indicators.

Our AI-driven real-time postural assessment app automatically scans 14 different biomechanical markers. These markers are measured against each other, for degree of tilt, or asymmetry. We then provide a way for clinicians to better engage with patients at home by connecting our clinical apps to our patient-facing home app.

Proof of Patient Progress

Bodiometer’s smart dashboard provides chiropractors rich analytics and an intelligent support system with visual aids and progress indicators to make the treatment process evidence-based and engaging. The platform assists with triage, prognosis, and evaluation of objective and subjective findings to make informed treatment decisions.

For patients, Bodiometer provides the ability to track, visualize and assess their progress from home -increasing treatment adherence and improving outcomes. Ultimately, Bodiometer improves the quality of life and function of patients by giving them the tools to better understand and manage their health and wellbeing.

Grow Clinic Revenue

Bodiometer can add more than $6,000 per month to a clinic with ~$40,000 in monthly revenue. This revenue stems from a traceable improvement in patient retention of approximately 30% with the use of Bodiometer’s subtle but significant visual progression indicators, and new business referred by satisfied patients.

Technical requirements: iPad or iPad Pro better than or equal to iPad Pro 2015, running iOS 14 or newer.