Caleo Health – Modernizing Healthcare to Improve Patient and Staff Communication

Monthly Messages: 2,197

Total Patient Invites: 18,719

Patient invited Monthly: 151

Caleo health has helped improve care for 1000s of patients by streamlining the flow of information with Secure-Mail. 

The clinic knew the use of fax was extending wait times and they resolved to eliminate the out-dated technology entirely. Director of Operations Dr. Mark Lewis says that clinics “…need to be working within the innovations of today to instill confidence in the people we work with”. 

Updating Outdated, Unsecure, and Unreliable Technologies 

Dr. Mark Lewis explains that,“In medicine, if we appear to be outdated, we are going to be perceived as outdated regardless of how great our medicine is”. The staff at Caleo encourage patients to use Secure-Mail over phone and regular email for added security and easy reference. Their patients appreciate the effort made to ensure their information is safe and addressed in modern timelines.  

To help with patient management, staff can quickly search to look back on conversations to see what was discussed. Having a record of what was discussed also helps patients be prepared for appointments and adhere to treatment plans.

Patient concerns that often take hours to solve going back and forth over the phone are solved in less than half the time, allowing staff and clinicians to help more patients everyday.

Engage Patients to Accelerate Specialist Access

The virtual front desk helped Caleo organize their day and avoid staff being tied up on the phones. By using Secure-Mail instead of phone, fax, and mail, they can be concise, to the point with patient inquiries and referral requests. 

When primary care clinics include patients on eConsult or referral requests, Caleo can reach out to patients directly with questions related to their presentation. This process of collecting more information up front has reduced wait times in the clinic by more than 90%.

Show patients your clinic provides the latest in treatment and care, get your first two months of Secure-Mail free.