Here’s Why Your Secure-Mail Account is More Important Than Ever

In a recent article by Dentistry IQ, it was found that trying to engage with your patients through phone calls, postcards, flyers, etc. about their treatment or appointments is now the old way of doing things. It reduces patient satisfaction and impacts patient no-shows by at least 10%.

Clinics tried adopting electronic communication resources (such as SMS texting, generic email)  to try and resolve these issues but they all lacked privacy and security. It is extremely important to provide an alternative that can increase patient engagement while maintaining security and compliance.


Improve patient experience while maintaining privacy and security 

Secure messaging allows patients to have more access to their care providers and to feel confident in understanding the treatment they receive. Research found that half of patients can’t recall 30-70% of what was discussed during an appointment. It is inefficient for clinics to give patients multiple papers and recommendations after the appointment leaving the patient overwhelmed (where will they keep them?). Secure messaging puts all their important healthcare documents in their pocket.

Providing patients with a summary of the appointment and sending the discharge papers through Secure-Mail, prompts patients to better adhere to treatment programs and gives them a written summary of the appointment. This messaging system guarantees the safety of transferring patient information to patients, colleagues, and other clinics.


Building relationships and improves patient satisfaction 

A study found 70% of respondents want to communicate with their dental providers through mobile messaging capabilities to maintain their patient provider relationship.

Secure messaging services such as Brightsquid Secure-Mail improve the overall experience for patients, reduces the number of no-shows, and streamlines communication for both patients and clinics without having to sacrifice privacy and security. Secure-Mail better aligns with how patients communicate in the rest of their lives and allows clinics to connect with more patients every day as it is more efficient than phoning. Read more about the article by Dentistry IQ here.