Virtual Tips for Continuity of Care – Managing your Secure-Mail Account

Check out this webinar recording to learn how easy and important it is to manage your clinic’s Secure-Mail account.It allows you and the rest of your team toconnect with other clinics, and patients securely and remotely. It keeps your clinic organized and allows your team to prioritize what tasks need to get done and ensure that your patients get the continuity of care they need. 

We surveyed hundreds of patients and over 75% said they are not comfortable with sharing their private health care information through traditional email. Patients see the value and convenience of having a Brightsquid Secure-Mail account. 

Secure-Mail simplifies and streamlines clinic communication, replaces non-urgent in-person visits, and qualifies for compensation.With so many options for patients to access care online through providers outside of their team, it is important youprovide the digital pathways for them to communicate with your clinic remotely.