Virtual Care Tool Comparisons

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the importance of virtual care. With the right tools, doctors and their clinics can maintain continuity of care for their patients while ensuring the safety of the patient, the physician, and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In an effort to act quickly, some clinics are turning to common commercial or personal communication services without fully understanding their appropriateness for virtual care in a medical setting. This series of articles will help you understand which virtual care services are right for you and your patients as you build your virtual care system.

Read how Zoom compares to Secure-Mail as a virtual care platform

While Secure-Mail and Zoom play different roles in your virtual care system, they do overlap and compliment each other to support complete virtual patient management.

Read how WhatsApp compares to Secure-Mail as a virtual care platform

WhatsApp is a popular free communication tool around the world. It is used by many to exchange text messages, voice/video calls, and small files with friends near and far. But is it appropriate for virtual care?

More comparisons coming soon!