User tip: Blocking Breaches with Secure-Mail – Part 2: Patient Communication

The rise of phishing and ransomware emails themed around COVID-19, have been skyrocketing (up to 4000%). Cybercriminals know that many individuals are vulnerable right now and are taking advantage of the situation. Consumer-based technology (Gmail, outlook, FaceTime,…) is not intended for healthcare communication and comes with privacy risks

To ensure the safety of your patient’s private healthcare information, use communication platforms that will guarantee keep your clinic safe.Patients want their healthcare information to stay private and appreciate clinics that take the necessary actions to guarantee their safety. Your Secure-Mail account is the answer to help your practice to provide the best virtual care to your patients during isolation and beyond. 

Watch this webinar recording to learn why Secure-Mail is an important part of your clinic’s secure virtual care system, how it creates efficiencies, and why patients will appreciate you and your team for using secure communication tools.