Use Secure-Mail to Keep Child Patient Information Confidential

Kiwi Pediatrics uses Brightsquid Secure Communications because it’s important for them to protect child patient information from being accessed by outsiders. 

The large Calgary-area practice has sent over 4,000 Brightsquid Secure-Mail messages and invited almost 3,000 patients to communicate securely with them. Sarah, the Clinic Manager, says her and the staff use Secure-Mail to safely send out forms and important treatment-related information to patients’ parents. Here’s why parents and staff prefer Brightsquid.

Secure-Mail increases work efficiency and quality of care.

Before using Secure-Mail, the clinic used fax and mail. Both of those old methods are big time-wasters and most patients can’t accept faxes. Of course, mail and fax aren’t as secure as Secure-mail either. 

Since transitioning to Secure-Mail, Sarah and the rest of the clinic’s staff get more work done and deliver more patient-centered service

Brightsquid is Parent Approved.

Parents of the patients find Secure-Mail to be very convenient, simple to use, and appreciate that it helps protect their child’s information.

At Kiwi Pediatrics, the priority is to ensure that patient information is safe and secure. Parents of the patients can have peace of mind knowing that their child’s information will remain safe inside the Brightsquid Secure-Mail system

Know every message is seen.

The use of theshared inbox allows assigned staff access all messages sent directly to the clinicand then forward it to the appropriate clinician or respond on behalf of the clinic. Anyone with access to the shared inbox can see which messages have been responded to and who from the clinic responded. This helps increase work efficiency at the clinic. It manages patient information and ensures thatall patient questions and concerns are addressed in a timely way

Additionally, read receipts show if and when messages have been read. So if there’s a message that a patient or collaborating clinician really needs to see, the sender can follow up if the message hasn’t been read. 

Put patient safety first.

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is a safe way to share patient information digitally. So you can accelerate care without having to wait for the mail and show your patients how dedicated you are to providing great care AND respecting their privacy.

If you’d like to find out more about how Secure-Mail can work for your clinic, contact