Support for Virtual Care: Modernizing Healthcare in the Digital Age

Digital healthcare is transforming the way patients receive care. It’s also changing workflow and operations in clinics by enabling visits that happen outside of clinic walls over great distance for the convenience of patient and practitioner. Deviations from the norm can create some uncertainty and concern, and because of the sensitive nature of healthcare, we understand why some feel resistant and apprehensive towards change. That being said, the digital transformation of the healthcare industry is just getting started, which means we can expect to see considerable changes in the coming years as a result of innovation. Early adopter clinics get ahead of the curve and realize the benefits much sooner than those that delay and then struggle to close the widening gap. As technology brings new possibilities to the delivery of care, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. What does digital healthcare mean for patients and clinicians? Is this all just a fad? Let’s explore what research has to say about virtual care.

Did you know…

  • – 79% of patients who had a virtual visit said the quality of care was the same as an in-person visit.
  • – 91% said online visits helped with the issue for which they required an appointment.
  • – Virtual visits save time, accelerate access to care, and avoid work absence.
  • – Virtual visits enable continuity of care in remote communities, and require less travel.
  • – Digital health can reduce marginalization for people with mobility issues.
  • – 74% of Canadians say access to digital health enables more informed discussions with their doctor.
  • – 76% of patients who viewed lab results online were confident they understood the results.
  • – 13% of patients would not have sought care had virtual visit not been available.
As healthcare and technology continue to converge, virtual care is increasingly adopted. Digital tools are empowering better results for patients and healthcare organizations – making healthcare more accessible, efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time removing barriers of time, distance, travel expenses, and staff scarcities. If you’re ready to accelerate care with the versatility and convenience of virtual visits, we invite you to join the tens of thousands of healthcare professionals around the world who have adopted the Brightsquid platform. For more information, please contact sales@brightsquid.com.