Streamline Communication with Secure-Mail Read Receipts

Switching to a digital method of communicating with your patients is crucial, and it doesn’t mean you have to put their data at risk. As leading privacy experts, we have created Brightsquid Secure-Mail with built-in features and functions that are tailored to clinic communications. One of the most important features is read receipts.

According to our recent clinical communications survey, over half of the patients using Secure-Mail agree it has helped them take a more active role in their healthcare, and 82% said that using Brightsquid made it easier to communicate with their doctor’s office.

But why is that? Having read receipts allows your clinic to track and follow up with patients when needed. 43% of users agreed that having read receipts in their sent folder makes it easy to find out when a message has been read.

Here’s how read receipts create efficiency in your clinic:

Bill for Missed Appointments

Having the ability to track which messages haven’t been read reduces the number of no-show appointments and increases patient accountability. If a patient has opened the appointment reminder, it’s easy for your clinic to prove and enforce no-show payments and charges. It can also let you know if another appointment reminder is needed, or if a different method of communication may be required.

Manage Patient Referrals More Efficiently

You can easily streamline referrals so that there is no time wasted getting staff to follow up via phone, fax, or mail. Instead, it’s incredibly easy to invite anyone to Secure-Mail, whether it be another clinic, lab, or a new patient.

With everyone using Secure-Mail and having access to the read receipt feature, you can easily see when the intended recipient has received and read your referral requests. This allows you to determine case-by-case if a follow-up is needed. Which leads us to our next point…

Only Follow-Up Once A Message Has Been Read

Knowing when the intended recipient actually read your message, means you can stop sending unnecessary follow-ups. Plus, there is accountability on both sides of the communication process. You’re able to focus staff time on prodictive tasks that enhance the experience of your patients.

Be responsible with your communications while creating a strong bond with your patients and partners within the industry. To learn more about Brightsquid Secure-Mail, or to discuss the on-going privacy needs of your clinic, contact us today