Secure Messaging for Remote Team-based Palliative Care

Team-Based Care: Healthcare gets better when we all work together. 

The benefits of working well together are obvious. We see improvements when internal clinic teams function more cohesively and in team-based care across the entire healthcare system. Patient outcomes and system efficiency improve with the delivery of Collaborative care across roles and expertise.

In this video, Dr. Norman Yee explains how Brightsquid Secure-Mail supports team-based remote management of palliative care patients. The story highlights how the benefits of integrated care can be realized through inclusive digital health innovations.

digital health innovations for remote Team-based care

You’ll learn how to coordinate comprehensive team-based care across providers such as home care, oxygen suppliers, pharmacy, nurses, physicians, and family caregivers. The team managed patient care in one trackable and referencable secure messaging service. In addition, the team functioned without requiring meetings and appointments.

Information regarding changes to the patient’s condition was shared simultaneously across the integrated care team. Support measures were adjusted without waiting for in-person meetings. Discussions of prognosis, plan, and comfort measures were held remotely to accelerate decision-making. In Dr. Yee’s words, “even if our visits were not synched, his care was.”

Secure-Mail is built for clinic collaboration across the entire healthcare team. You can easily add new clinical team members and administrative support staff as users to the private messaging service. When the entire team is connected for secure collaboration, the result is enhanced efficiency and accuracy of health information exchange.

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