Secure-Mail Supports Patient Centric Care

Healthcare gets better when everyone is involved. Actively including patients in care is known to improve patient health outcomes and create efficiency in the healthcare system. Research has even shown a 20% reduction in the cost of providing care when patients are optimally engaged. Secure-Mail improves patient engagement in several ways.

There are 8 pillars of patient centric care. 

  1. Timely access to appropriate care
  2. Patient engagement in care
  3. Information and education
  4. Care coordination and integration of information through transfer
  5. Ongoing information access and feedback
  6. Emotional comfort
  7. Physical comfort
  8. Involvement of family and friends

Secure-Mail supports all pillars of patient centric care by connecting everyone involved in a patient’s circle of care, from physicians to family/caregivers. Anyone can be invited to have an account and exchange protected patient information securely. 

By uniting care teams, Brightsquid Secure-Mail improves access to care through a more convenient communication channel that can often replace in-person visits and accelerate diagnosis and treatment. Patients are provided information in the palm of their hand for easy reference and follow up to ensure they are well informed.

Connecting providers around the patient means information flows more easily with the elimination of problematic phone, fax, and mail communications that are surprisingly still state of the art in healthcare. Improved clinical communication and information exchange increases patient safety through transitions of care.

Patients that are physically challenged by travel to appointments can limit excursions that can cause discomfort and anxiety, remaining comfortably at home. Many physicians use Secure-Mail to update patients on test results as they become available, so that there is no need to wait for an appointment to know the next course of action.

There are many ways Secure-Mail supports patient centric care. It is a versatile tool that helps everyone work together to deliver better healthcare.