Relieving the Privacy Pressure on Healthcare Clinics

In healthcare clinics across Alberta staff (usually clinic managers) are tasked with the role of Privacy Officer in addition to their standard duties. In that scenario, through no fault of anyone, privacy compliance falls to the bottom of to-do lists as people strive to complete the most urgent jobs. As important as it is, privacy compliance is not a term that gets most people excited to go to work in the morning. Unless you’re a dedicated employee of the OIPC, or a member of the Brightsquid Privacy Team.

Our expertise in compliance leads many clinics we work with in Alberta to ask usprivacy compliance questions that fall outside secure communication. Recognizing the need, we’ve launched the Brightsquid Privacy Team, lead by Alberta’s privacy compliance expert and former Chief Privacy Officer for the Physician Office System Program (POSP), Ingrid Ruys

The Brightsquid Privacy Team consults on all aspects of clinical compliance with privacy regulations. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience and over 1,000 completed Privacy Impact Assessments, the team is well equipped to help clinics navigate the intricacies of patient privacy in Alberta and beyond.

Clinics and practitioners in all healthcare disciplines can take advantage of Brightsquid Privacy Services. In addition to completing PIAs, the team helps with:

  • PIA amendments
  • Annual self-audits
  • Clinic policy updates
  • Privacy Handbook updates
  • Breach report guidance
  • Privacy compliance training
  • General guidance and support through a privacy hot-line
  • Association and college privacy programs
  • Vendor compliance assessment and monitoring
  • Information Manager Agreements

For a full list of privacy services offered or call 1-800-238-6503 ext 301.