Privacy compliant communication with Brightsquid Secure-Mail

Sharing patient information using conventional communication methods is bogging down healthcare clinics as demand for service is increasing. Resistance to updating to modern communications that fit with the pace of life and work today is largely due to concerns around protecting patient privacy. Traditional email isn’t compliant because of how it moves information across the Internet in an unknown path with no control on the part of the sender or receiver. Brightsquid Secure-Mail solves that problem and has been proven HIPAA compliant by third-party audits.

Patient privacy compliance is the reason over 30,000 clinics have a Brightsquid Secure-Mail account to share patient information instead of using traditional email. The Brightsquid platform was built to be compliant first and is audited regularly to ensure continued compliance with regulations.

In a recent third-party audit, Brightsquid Secure-Mail passed the compliance assessment in all 11 relevant assessment categories for a total of 81 examined elements of compliance:

  1. Security Standards and General Rules (2 elements): PASS
  2. Administrative Safeguards (30 elements): PASS
  3. Physical Safeguards (12 elements): PASS
  4. Technical Safeguards (12 elements): PASS
  5. Organizational Requirements (6 elements): PASS
  6. Notification by Business Associate (1 element): PASS
  7. Law Enforcement Delay (1 element): PASS
  8. Administrative Requirements and Burden of Proof (1 element): PASS
  9. Uses and disclosures: organizational requirements (3 elements): PASS
  10. Other requirements relating to uses & disclosures of protected health information (9 elements): PASS
  11. Amendment of protected health information (4 elements): PASS

As your partner in compliant communication, maintaining the privacy of your patient data is job 1 at Brightsquid. We continue to strive for constant compliance so that you are operating within the law, and together we can diminish the likelihood of a breach at your practice.

Using Brightsquid Secure-Mail, you can confidently share all the relevant patient information needed to provide the best care with the greatest efficiency.

If you have any questions about protecting patient information in your clinic, or how you can make the most of your Brightsquid Secure-Mail subscription, contact