Privacy Compliance With Brightsquid: A Responsibility Issue Made Easy

Caroyn Borel is the Financial Insurance Coordinator at Nice Smile Family Dental, a thriving General Dentistry practice in Greenville North Carolina. When it comes to privacy compliance, she says, “I have never been in an office that is more thorough than this one. We do absolutely everything by the book.” When it came time to select a secure-mail provider for the secure transfer of digital x-rays to consulting specialists, Caroyn explains,
“no sir, we did not look at options other than Brightsquid.”

Protecting Patients from more than cavities:

The door-shuttering risk of fines for HIPAA non-compliance aside, subscribing to Brightsquid Secure-Mail for dental practices is a responsibility issue for Nice Smile Family Dental. “We use Brightsquid to protect patient privacy, it lets us communicate necessary information with specialists safely,” states Caroyn — acknowledging that traditional email services such as Gmail and Outlook don’t keep patient information safe in the eyes of the law. Once a colleague explained the benefits of Brightsquid as an alternative to “open email”, Caroyn remembers, “we jumped on the wagon as soon as we could.”

Compliance support that is easy and organized:

In addition to protecting patient privacy, Caroyn appreciates that Brightsquid Secure-Mail is easy. “If it’s easy, I’m happy. And it is easy. After Debbie, our account manager, showed me how to use it the first time, I’ve been good. It’s so easy that I’ve written instructions that any of our staff can follow on a tiny little piece of paper.” Nice Smile Family Dental also uses Brightsquid to stay organized and track consultations. “I like that all of our x-rays are centrally located within Brightsquid,” Caroyn admits. “It’s very very quick to go in and check if a file was sent or received, or to follow up on a consultation.”

Well coordinated care costs less:

The efficiency created by incorporating Secure-Mail into the referral process at Nice Smile Family Dental has reduced costs by cutting down the use of consumables like printer ink, paper, and postage, as well as courier fees. In addition, by digitizing and much of the back and forth with other clinics, Caroyn and her team have streamlined tasks that otherwise demand an unnecessary amount of staff time. The huge upside is that an efficient practice can be more effective, strengthen existing relationships, and make room for new ones.