Patient Webinar – Personal Healthcare Management with Secure-Mail

Watch our webinar to find out how your Secure-Mail account helps you get more involved with your healthcare. You’ll learn: 

  • How to virtually connect with your care team 
  • The differences between Secure-Mail and regular email 
  • The benefits for your clinic providers 
  • Virtual Secure-Mail process 
  • Demo of how your account
  • Impacts of digital access 

Clinics and patients have been using Secure-Mail for virtual care for over 10 years. Patient satisfaction is greatly improved with virtual care, and patients believe it should be a permanent option that all healthcare practices have available. 

Your personal patient information needs to be kept private. It is important that your clinics are using secure and compliant resources that will ensure the safety of your private healthcare information. Brightsquid Secure-Mail accounts are free for patients and all you need to do to start using Secure-Mail is to get your clinic to invite you. 

Get more involved with your healthcare today! 

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