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Exceptional patient care extends beyond medical expertise. It requires clinics to establish open and prompt communication channels, inspire a sense of trust while handling sensitive patient information, and of course, a secure and supportive environment where patients feel their time and input is valued.

At Brightsquid, we understand streamlined patient management better than anyone. Secure-Mail is designed around more than a decade of clinic management support to enhance patient experiences, elevate healthcare outcomes, and revolutionize the way clinics and patients interact.

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Simplify Patient Management with Brightsquid

Foster patient engagement, strengthen privacy practices, and enhance your clinic’s reputation as a provider of exceptional patient-centered healthcare experiences with Brightsquid-compliant communications and clinic operation support.

Patient Engagement and Adherence

Prepare patients in advance of appointments, communicate treatment plans, support self management, and deliver timely personalized health information directly to your patients to foster stronger relationships that lead to improved patient engagement.

Personalized Patient Care

Secure-Mail adheres to the highest standards of data security. Your confidential communications never travel the open internet — never exposed to external threats or privacy breaches. Built-in features prevent common errors that cause thousands of privacy breaches in email and fax sending each year.

Better Results, Less Effort

Use custom message templates to send common messages with just a few clicks. Templates show up personalized and save clinic staff 4-6 days of typing every year. You can deliver instructions, forms, and resources to reduce paper use and eliminate scanning or typing patient form responses.

Patient Retention and Loyalty

Reduce phone traffic by 30% or more to reduce time on hold and support more patients getting the care they need. Enable non-urgent patient questions outside of regular phone hours for improved clinic access. Experience and research prove you’ll never be overwhelmed by patient messages.