Patient changemaker: Monitor your health and prevent the spread of COVID-19 with Secure-Mail

The onset of the pandemic changed the way patients access care. We all had to learn to stay healthy without relying on in-person appointments every time we need to be in touch with our doctor or other members of our team. Monitoring your own health online has become the “new norm” and patients expect it to continue as an option even after the pandemic. 

MyHealth Records (MHR) Secure-mail user Donna, said, she was excited to learn that she is able to track her and her husband’s health status, check lab results, and connect with their doctors online without having to book an in-person appointment or align schedules for a phone consultation. She explained that, “The pleasure of checking my lab results without physically seeing my doctor just came in at the right year where everything just changed to the so-called “new norm”.”

MyHealth Records is a provincial system that provides Albertans (14 years old and over) with a secure place to access some of their personal health records online, such as lab tests including COVID-19 results. 

When you connect MyHealth Records to your Secure-Mail account you’ll have one place to access and collect your personal healthcare information and communicate securely with your healthcare providers, including your doctors, dentists, mental health providers, and others.

Here is Donna’s full experience with using MHR Secure-Mail to monitor her and her husband’s health. 

“When I got sick in 2019 and had my operation at the end of this year – prior to the pandemic, I got excited about hearing this feature of being able to monitor your health via online. I immediately set it up and have been using it since then. The pleasure of checking my lab results without physically seeing my doctor just came in at the right year where everything just changed to the so-called “new norm”. I am able to do secure email to my hematologist, if I need to, and luckily, my monitoring of health issues at the start of this year is just bi-yearly. But this still comes great as I had to introduce this awesome system to my husband who needs health monitoring constantly. The Secure-Mail not only improved the clinic operations by limiting in-person patients, but it also improved our society from helping to limit the virus spread.I cannot wait when the time comes that perhaps, we can monitor the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines that we would all eventually have.

I totally support this new system you have introduced to our health care system. I am for the advancement of our country’s health, science and technology.”

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