Patient Changemaker: Get engaged in your healthcare

With the new MyHealth Records (MHR) update, patients in Alberta can access lab results as soon as they are available to doctors. Patients can stay engaged with their care and understand what is happening with on-going or chronic conditions. 

MHR Secure-Mail user Michelle is able to know exactly what is going on with her health, obtain her lab results quickly, and ask questions to her care team. With her condition, she needs to stay in touch with her care team from anywhere and at any time. Secure-Mail means she can reach out when she needs to and doesn’t have to wait by the phone to make sure she gets the answers she needs. 

Secure-Mail and MHR combine to allow patients to stay informed and engaged with their care. Patients like Michelle, are able to play an important part as an informed member of their healthcare team. 

Here is Michelle’s full experience with using MyHealth Records and how she was able to regain control of her health. 

“I was diagnosed with a chronic condition and using MHR and Secure-Mail has made an incredible difference in my care. I had many questions and had easy access to reach either the nurse in charge or my hematologist, without sitting by the phone waiting for a call back.  I can now check my monthly lab results and send a secure message to my specialist if I’m concerned about any results. I need quick access to antibiotics and having the ability to send a quick email has given me back the independence to feel more in control of my health. Thank you”

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