Patient Changemaker: Connect care teams around patients

Patients are important members of their healthcare team, as they are the only ones with the full picture. As patients, we’re expected to be the source of information exchange across our healthcare team. Too often, we don’t have the tools to support our role and some of the digital communication tools used by clinics connect with patients but exclude the rest of the team. Patients are left to figure out the transfer of information between unconnected communication services. 

Patient Secure-Mail user, Priscilla, appreciates that she can connect with many members of her healthcare team at one time through a single service. Given that she isn’t always able to meet with her doctors face to face during this time, and she works with a team to manage a chronic condition, she said Secure-Mail is a “godsend”. With having two young ones at home, Priscilla, is able to maintain continuity of care while practicing social distancing and avoiding extra childcare expense. 

Here is Priscilla’s full story on how she is able to handle her appointments while being at home with her kids. 

“I love how I am able to connect with my health team to manage my chronic health condition. From receiving a food diary, to filling it out and sending it back to my dietician as well as receiving credible health information in the form of handouts the remote access is really helpful. It’s been a godsend during this time given that face to face appointments are not always possible, especially when I have two young ones at home to care for.”

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