Patient Changemaker: Brightsquid brings doctors into the digital age

Secure-Mail gives patients more visibility into their care and reduces the number of times they have to play phone tag with their clinic just to find out the status of their lab results, referrals, etc. 

For Marchella, the use of Secure-Mail helps her keep track of her healthcare information like care plans and it reassures her that her information is secure and confidential. She appreciates having just one place to view all of her information and how having a log of the process helps her engage as a member of her care team. Marchella believes that“Brightsquid brings doctors into the digital age and empowers patients to take a hold of their healthcare matters”. 

Here is Marchella’s full experience with using Secure-Mail and how she is able to be more in control of her care: 

“Brightsquid brings doctors into the digital age – I can do so much now and see confidential information safelyThis empowers the patient to take hold of health care matters. I can refer to my health info in a hub with brightsquid, so there is a paper trail that helps me better understand my history.”

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