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Help patients get all the care they need from your clinic.

Brightsquid Secure Appointment Reminders are Now Available for Med Access and PS Suite.

Secure-Mail is as easy as email and works just like your phone.

All inbound messages come to an inbox shared and managed by front desk staff. They can easily receive, triage, respond, and forward messages internally to be addressed by the appropriate clinician or support. The closed Brightsquid network blocks spammers and ransomware attacks while protecting private patient information to the letter of the law.

The best part? It can be used by anyone, anywhere, regardless of their profession – even if they don’t have an account yet.

Connect the team, improve patient outcomes.

When you invite patients to use Secure-Mail, you’re giving them a tool for better treatment adherence, stronger attachment, and better engagement – all with the greater goal of improving their outcomes. What’s more, patients can use this bi-directional communication tool with any provider, eliminating portal fatigue while housing their healthcare information in one convenient online location.

available in clinic performance package

Secure-Mail helps you maintain continuity of care.

Verified as compliant for Virtual Visits in Ontario

Assess and treat certain mental health issues
Assess and treat dermatological concerns
Assess and manage chronic conditions
Assess and treat minor infections
Receive and review diagnostic and specialist reports
Provide healthcare to patients that are traveling
Any assessments that does not require palpation or auscultation

Key Secure-Mail Features: