Clinicians and staff rate Brightsquid Secure-Mail the FASTEST
way to communicate with other clinics

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“We increased our ability to address patient concerns by 18% using Secure-Mail.”
– Clinic Executive Director, Calgary AB, Canada

Research has proven:

Secure messaging can improve health outcome measures
Secure messaging can reduce wait times
Secure messaging increases patient satisfaction by 44%
97% of patients believe they should have email access to their clinics

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Use Secure-Mail for Assessment and Treatment

Assess and treat certain mental health issues
Assess and treat dermatological concerns
Assess and manage chronic conditions
Assess and treat minor infections
Receive and review diagnostic and specialist reports
Provide healthcare to patients that are traveling
Any assessments that does not require palpation or auscultation

Use Secure-Mail for Administrative Efficiency:

Eliminate phone tag
Eliminate envelope, stamp, and printing costs
Put almost a month of time to better use every year per staff member
Increase the number of patients seen in your clinic
Increase your daily patient encounters

Execute E-Visits effortlessly with these critical features: