Physicians in Alberta can claim Health Service Codes for communicating using Brightsquid Secure-Mail.

Ensure privacy compliance:

To qualify for these codes, communication must be conducted via an OIPC approved communication service that meets CPSA guidelines, and you must file an amendment for your PIA that describes your intended use of the service. Brightsquid Secure-Mail meets CPSA guidelines and is accepted for the transmission of patient information under the Health Information act by the OIPC.

Health Service Codes for Secure-Mail with Patients:

03.01S - Physician-to-patient Secure Electronic Communication

03.01AD - Telephone advice to a patient during a viral epidemic

Examples of when 03.01S and 03.01AD are used:

1. Delivering advice to a patient that has a question about side effects from medication.

2. Responding to patient follow up questions after a diagnosis.

3. Changing a treatment plan following lab results.

4. Responding to a patient question about a new concern that can be managed appropriately using secure messaging.

Health Service Codes for Secure-Mail with Physicians:

03.01R - Physician to Physician secure E-Consultation, REFERRING physician

03.01O - Physician or Nurse Practitioner to Physician secure E-Consultation, CONSULTANT physician