Watch Past Privacy Compliance Webinars

Webinar 1: How to Block Ransomware

Description: It is predicted that there will be a record number of ransomware attacks in 2019.  Unprotected clinics are the easiest to hack and therefore are the biggest targets. Is your clinic protected from cybercriminals?

Webinar 2: Why Your Email Will Never Be Compliant

Description: It is important you know the risks to patients and your clinic whenever an email is used.

  - Email is the #1 way ransomware gets into your clinic. 

  - Healthcare workers are 40% more likely to click on infected emails. 

  - Phishing is a growing concern throughout the professional world.

  - There is no way to know where an email travels across the Internet.

Webinar 3: Keeping Your Clinic Out of Privacy Breach News

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Webinar 4: Privacy Breaches in Healthcare - 2019 Report

Description: The most recent statistics around data breaches in healthcare are alarming. Healthcare is the industry most often infected by ransomware, and experts predict an increase in cyber-attacks through 2019. The financial impact of recent attacks as well as the implications of suffering a data breach in healthcare are significant. Understanding them will help you know what you can do to protect your practice.

Webinar 5: 5 Steps to Keep Your Practice Privacy Breach Free in 2020

Description:2019 saw a record number of data breaches. It is critical that you know how to protect your practice and patients from privacy breaches with these 5 steps.

Webinar 6: Avoid the Risks of Patient Using Your Traditional Email Address

Cyber viruses spread through email contact lists.

With the rise of phishing and ransomware attacks through the pandemic, and more and more people working remotely, it is critical that you give patients a secure way to email your clinic.

Webinar 7: Understanding privacy compliance for Chiropractors

In this webinar, we discuss the privacy requirements and responsibilities chiropractors in Alberta must follow to ensure clinic compliance and protect their practice.