Watch Past Privacy Compliance Webinars

Webinar 1: How to Block Ransomware

Description: It is predicted that there will be a record number of ransomware attacks in 2019.  Unprotected clinics are the easiest to hack and therefore are the biggest targets. Is your clinic protected from cybercriminals?

Webinar 2: Why Your Email Will Never Be Compliant

Description: It is important you know the risks to patients and your clinic whenever an email is used.

  - Email is the #1 way ransomware gets into your clinic. 

  - Healthcare workers are 40% more likely to click on infected emails. 

  - Phishing is a growing concern throughout the professional world.

  - There is no way to know where an email travels across the Internet.

Webinar 3: Keeping Your Clinic Out of Privacy Breach News

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Webinar 4: Privacy Breaches in Healthcare - 2019 Report

Description: The most recent statistics around data breaches in healthcare are alarming. Healthcare is the industry most often infected by ransomware, and experts predict an increase in cyber-attacks through 2019. The financial impact of recent attacks as well as the implications of suffering a data breach in healthcare are significant. Understanding them will help you know what you can do to protect your practice.

Webinar 5: 5 Steps to Keep Your Practice Privacy Breach Free in 2020

Description:2019 saw a record number of data breaches. It is critical that you know how to protect your practice and patients from privacy breaches with these 5 steps.