Get on the most widely used secure messaging service in Alberta.

Healthcare professionals and patients in Alberta exchange over 50,000 Brightsquid Secure-Mail messages a month. Secure-Mail is the only secure messaging service connected to MyHealth Records. A provincial service that allows patients to access certain records and communicate with their circle of care in one convenient place online.

Secure-Mail is also integrated into the TELUS Health EMRs installed in 70% of the medical clinics in Alberta. So when you subscribe to Brightsquid Secure-Mail, your clinic can better connect into your patients’ medical home by messaging directly into patient records.

Your patients (old and new) can search for your clinic in the directory.

Your patients can sign up for Secure-Mail through the MyHealth Records portal. When they do, they search for their providers in the directory. Thousands of Albertans have linked their MyHealth Records and Brightsquid Secure-Mail accounts. 

Be part of the largest community of patients and providers communicating securely about treatment, assessment, and health.


Clinics using Secure-Mail increase clinic efficiency with Secure-Mail.

Save $100s each month by eliminating consumables (stamps, fax line, paper, envelopes, printer ink, etc.)
Reduce phone traffic by over 30%
Increase staff retention
Reduce wasted time and effort for staff and clinicians

Improve Patient relationships with Secure-Mail.

Secure messaging is shown to increase patient satisfaction by 44%
97% of patients agree they should have email communications with their healthcare team
74% of patients aren't comfortable communicating about their health using traditional unsecured email
Over 40% of patients say they don’t leave appointments with all the information they need

The top 5 uses for Brightsquid Secure-Mail in Alberta Healthcare:

Your Secure-Mail account is much more than email: