New Canadian Privacy Legislation Coming Soon

Canadian Privacy Legislation is changing to help modernize transparency and control individuals have over their personal information, as well as  toughen penalties for non-compliance. 

The new bill (C-11) includes two new acts: 

  • Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) 
  • Personal Information and Data protection Tribunal Act (PIDPT) 

These acts strengthen protections for private information and ensure businesses are handling information appropriately. The fines and penalties for violating these acts could cost companies millions. Therefore, it is crucial to get your staff trained on the latest safety precautions and stay up to date with any new to the Canadian Privacy legislation. 

Get your team trained 

It is important that your clinic is aware of how these new changes impact day to day operations. Brightsquid keeps privacy support subscribers updated as part of our service of providing on-going privacy compliance. Subscribers get access to exclusive privacy training and many other resources to maintain on-going compliance. 

To know more about what these new laws entail and what your clinic can do to follow these new regulations, upgrade your account here.

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