Modernizing and Improving Patient Care in the Digital Age

  • Build custom workflow automations around your clinic to optimize patient management with faster, more accessible secure communication.
  • Maximize productivity, accelerate treatment, and even add billable services with advanced medical-grade messaging.
  • By addressing non-urgent cases remotely, you make more in office visit time available for urgent cases. Wait times are reduced, and your patients get better sooner.
  • Send patients follow-up messages rather than waiting for the next appointment (or repeatedly trying to reach them by phone) to remind, or measure effectiveness, of treatment plans.
Dr. Affleck would go on to become the Chief Medical Information Officer of the Northwest Territories and oversee the creation of the most integrated digital charting system in Canada. The Northwest Territories enterprise charting system employs a single patient-centered database that is shared by all outpatient health services across 32 communities, including all general practitioners, specialists, nurses, rehabilitation service, and various other support services. For his effort, Dr. Affleck was appointed an officer of the Order of Canada in 2013. “In this networked health environment, providers can communicate on an as-needed basis across time and location to support virtual team-based care, and enterprise data can be employed to improve health outcomes,” says Affleck. “It has shown itself to be immensely helpful in coordinating and improving patient care, especially for those in remote communities.” Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp recognized the need for this improved level of health service communication across North America. “We know that to improve patient care, we have to improve clinical communication. Currently, the Canadian healthcare profession continues to rely on fax machines and couriers, non-compliant, unreliable tools that are outdated and inefficient. Continued use of fax machines poses the risk of private information being shared with the wrong people, and – most concerning – specialists not getting the information they need to properly treat a patient in a timely fashion,” says Brightsquid CEO, Rohit Joshi. “Having Dr. Affleck appointed to our Board has been integral to informing our approach to transforming healthcare system communication.” Today, over 100,000 health providers in North America use Brightsquid Secure-Mail, and over one million messages have been sent securely. “Canadians deserve the best possible health service. Brightsquid provides the means for integrated team-based health communication that enables all stakeholders – patients and providers alike – to coordinate care in a seamless, safe and secure manner on an elegant and easy to use interface,” says Dr. Affleck. To learn more about Brightsquid’s Secure-Mail, please contact