May Dental Arts Counts on Brightsquid to Enable Digital Dentistry Collaboration

Over 11 years working with dental technology, Michael Lasky, Dental Technician at May Dental Arts in Fenton MO, has witnessed the transition to digital dentistry up close; starting with removables and eventually transitioning to creating surgical guides. As Mr. Lasky and May Dental Arts expanded their expertise into the developing digital world of intraoral scanners and the 400-600 images that would accompany a CBCT scan, they recognized the need for a more convenient way to securely share patient files.

The replacement of impressions with digital images solved the issue of poorly set or cast models, and at the same time introduced new concerns around patient privacy while creating an opportunity for greater process efficiency. Mr. Lasky explains, “We can work much more quickly with digital files, but there’s a lot of patient information in those image files, sowe needed something HIPAA compliant which is why we landed on Brightsquid Secure-Mail.

Secure-Mail saves everyone time and money:

“We’ve greatly improved the process of receiving files and sharing our plans using Brightsquid Secure-Mail,” Mr. Lasky said. “Before, the doctors we worked with would have to burn all the information to a CD or thumb drive and then mail it. That would take 2 to 5 days, costing a minimum of $10 each time.”
Over a year of working with Brightsquid, the process has become refined. “I can trim at least two days off our turn around,” Mr. Lasky says with pride. “If a doctor sees a patient in the morning, I can have a surgical plan in their hand that night. If we have to hit an insurance deadline or the patient is going out of town in a month,every couple of days we can shave off the process is vital.”
There are benefits beyond being quick and the hard costs of mailing CDs. Mr. Lasky says “No one’s paying for shipping, no one’s driving to pick it up, there are the process efficiencies you’d expect from going digital, and environmental benefits too — it’s invaluable.”
The email-like user interface makes conversations more efficient and effective. Mr. Lasky has accelerated his productivity further by using Brightsquid as a Dental documented conversation trail. He explains that, “We can go back and forth over Brightsquid to securely teamwork the guide. Which is great, because communication is so vital.”

It’s easy to protect patients with Brightsquid:

Mr. Lasky works with between 40 and 50 periodontists, surgeons, and general dentists throughout Missouri and across the US who collaborate with him over Brightsquid. Knowing his collaborators went to school to study teeth, not software, he chose Brightsquid as his secure platform of choice because it is easy to use. “Once doctors get used to the platform, they use it all the time because they feel more comfortable communicating with something that they know is protecting patient information.”
Even offices that resist digital collaboration at first tend to come around. It is not uncommon for May Dental Arts to receive a CD that broke in transit. When that happens the dentist that sent it has the choice of re-burning, repackaging, and resending the information, or simply supplying their email address for the invitation to Brightsquid Secure-Mail. Guess which they choose.
Mr. Lasky says the process of adding collaborators is as easy as sending an email, and that once dentists are on the system, “All they have to do is get their scans done, export them, and Secure-Mail them over to me.” He notes that the ability to attach 500MB files is an advantage as some zipped CBCT files have come close to that limit, but never gone over.

Digital dental collaboration is an easy win:

“It’s helped me immensely,” says Mr. Lasky. “Especially when you start to consider the patient. I’m helping people get the care they need much sooner. By using Brightsquid, we all are.I recommend Brightsquid hands down. If you’re transferring patient information it’s a no brainer.