Key Features You Need for Clinical Communications

Experiencing a data breach is a traumatic event that violates your patients’ confidentiality, hurts the overall reputation of your clinic, and can cause downtime ranging from a couple of days to weeks, or even forever. The number one target for cyber attacks is email, which is why several clinics hesitate to take their communications digital. Unfortunately, because of this, clinicians experience major delays in simple communications amongst healthcare teams and patients. Ultimately, the clinic’s capacity and ability to grow as a business is limited.

Many platforms have emerged that guarantee email encryption. Promising users that the information contained within their messages is safe. Unfortunately, many of these programs aren’t fully secure or perpetuate bad habits like clicking on a link without checking where it goes. Data can be breached, viruses delivered, and patient trust evaporates.

A breach is something that no clinic can afford, so what is the solution? Brightsquid Secure-Mail.

Secure-Mail allows you and your team to easily schedule appointments, send patient follow-ups, conduct virtual care, deliver forms and invoices, and more. It’s a best-in-class, compliant clinical communications tool that streamlines your communication processes, engages your patients, and protects your clinic from cyber threats.

Here are the key features that you can look forward to when you implement Secure-Mail into your everyday clinical processes.

Shared Inbox

Shared inbox allows your clinic to streamline communication into one easy-to-manage channel. Any authorized member of your team has visibility of critical communications, allowing everyone to be up-to-date on crucial information. With shared inbox, staff time is used efficiently, and your patients get the care or information they need much more quickly.

Read Receipts

Read receipts close the loop of communication and hold both the clinic and the patients accountable, allowing you to ensure that each message is read by its intended recipient by showing if and when a message was opened and viewed. Remember, engaged patients tend to have better health outcomes.

Message Recall

Have you ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong person or wished to go back and edit the details? Not fax, mail, nor traditional email allows you to undo mistakes or revoke access to messages. Secure-Mail delivers message control by providing you with the ability to recall messages that are sent in error or withdraw access at any time.

Confirmed Directory

A closed system like Brightsquid Secure-Mail controls access and verifies users so that you can be sure the clinics you’re selecting from our directory are exactly who you expect. Plus, you can search for the specialists you need and know that their presence on the Secure-Mail directory indicates they take the privacy and security of your patients very seriously.

500MB Attachments

Without attachment size limitations, you have the freedom to attach any file uncompressed at diagnostic quality. Printing these photos and diagrams only degrades the quality and makes diagnoses less reliable.


Our team at Brightsquid is here to serve you. If you have an issue with your Secure-Mail functions, don’t hesitate to call or access our chat support. All day, during regular business hours in your region, there will always be experts on hand, ready to assist you with any questions that come up.

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