Keep Referral Costs Under $40.00/Month

Clinics are spending 1000s of dollars mailing and faxing referrals. It’s inefficient, ineffective, unreliable, costly (and especially in the case of fax, dangerously insecure). Tyler Kerr from Palumbo Family Dental sends 50 or more of referrals a month and found that using mail and fax caused too many delays, was insecure, expensive, and wasted too much time. 

Since upgrading his referral process to Brightsquid Secure-Mail, sending a referral takes less than 2 minutes. Everything is sent safely, in compliance with privacy regulations, and most of all referral costs are kept under $40.00/month – the monthly membership for his clinic’s Brightsquid account. Referrals are also delivered instantly so patients often get in to see specialists much more quickly.

Using Brightsquid Secure-Mail Palumbo Family Dental is able to: 

  • Save admin time 
  • Cut consumable costs 
  • Spend less time on the phone 
  • Increases work efficiency 
  • Spend more face to face time with patients 
  • Protect patient information 
  • Accelerate care
  • Block the majority of ransomware threats