How to cut $1000 in unacceptable office costs a month

Clinics that are active users of Brightsquid Secure-Mail, see a major improvement in their clinic’s work efficiency that quickly adds up to major savings. Busy clinics that send a lot of diagnostic images around rarely have a chance to stop and examine the $100s or even $1000s they spend on printer ink and stamps – it’s considered an acceptable cost of doing business. With Secure-Mail as an advanced alternative, those costs are completely unacceptable. Here’s how you can cut those costs form your clinic starting today. 

Brightsquid Secure-Mail eliminates the need for paper communications.

After making the easy switch to Brightsquid Secure-Mail, many clinics learn the true cost of referrals and x-rays sent through “snail-mail”. Assembling referrals and stuffing them in 9×12 envelopes is the most costly and time-consuming way for clinics to collaborate (fax isn’t much better). But once up and running with Secure-Mail, clinicssave time and money by attaching files to their Secure-Mail messages instead of printing them and sending them through the mail. 

“Having the ability to attach any files in Secure-Mail is LIFE-CHANGING.” 

Printing out diagnostic images at diagnostic quality (which is really just sort of close to diagnostic quality because, well, printers) eats up cartridges and cartridges of expensive ink. The postage required for all those 9×12 envelopes breaks the hundred dollar mark in no time. Some clinics spend $300 a month just on stamps. Add it all up and you’ll save over a $1000 a month on postage fees, ink, paper, and staff time. 

Give your clinic a smaller footprint.

Reducing paper waste (especially paper that is likely going to be scanned and shredded after traveling in a truck and/or plane) by switching to electronic referral sending with Brightsquid is good for the environment and your community. Using less printer ink is helpful too. The fewer consumables you use, the better your patients can feel about choosing your clinic again and again.

Secure-Mail keeps patients coming back.

Clinics that use Secure-Mail keep the patient information in their clinic protected. They stay updated with the latest secure technology for their patients — because patient safety is their #1 priority.

Clinics are able to save time completing day to day tasks and are able to focus more of their time on ensuring patients are receiving the best care possible.They are improving the quality of care for their patients every day by focusing on privacy compliant communication that accelerates care and saves them over $12,000 each year.Making them leaders in the industry and pillars of the community.