How Secure-Mail Strengthens the Provider-Patient Relationship

The shift towards a patient-centred medical home has many individuals searching for new ways to engage and communicate with their healthcare teams. Fortunately for thousands of patients, physicians, specialists and allied health professionals across North America, Brightsquid is transforming the provider-patient relationship, enabling two-way communication safely and securely. But don’t take our word for it. We asked patients for feedback on what they thought about the Brightsquid platform, and the impact it is having on their care. 82% of patients surveyed agreed that using Brightsquid, “made it easier to communicate with my doctor’s office.” Within that same group of patients, 51% agreed that “has helped me take a more active role in my healthcare.” Here’s what else patients had to say.

What patients like about Secure-Mail:

•       “I know that no one else can get access to my medical information.”

•       “I don’t have to wait on hold forever on the phone.”

•       “It’s quick, allows for communication that doesn’t really need a doctor’s visit.”

•       “It saves having to go into the office to pick up papers, and it also solves the issue of missing phone calls and having to be put on hold when calling the office back.”

•       “Expeditious use of time. No phoning & waiting online or leaving voicemail by Dr’s office. I too can send a message much faster & convenient. Also, there is a written record of the conversation that is good to have for both sides so as to check back on for clarification or reminder.”

What patients don’t like about Secure-Mail:

•       “It’s another password to remember but c’est la vie.”

•       “I am not confident that an MD will read it first.”

•       “No issues.”

•       “Nothing.”

•       “None so far.”

•       “Like it all.”

How patients describe Secure-Mail:
4 Most popular words:•       Confidential – 90.48% •       Convenient – 83.81% •       Easy – 81.90% •       Time-saving – 70.48%4 Least popular words:•       Tedious – 5.71% •       Awkward – 3.81% •       Risky – 0.95% •       Intimidating – 0.95%

Take Control of Your Healthcare

Team-based healthcare that includes patients improves health outcomes. When everyone involved in care (including the patient) can safely share results and expertise more easily, health goals are achieved much more quickly. Request more information about using Brightsquid with your healthcare team.