How Secure-Mail helps enhance health information exchange in primary care

Implement Improved Health Information Exchange

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is implemented to significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of health information exchange in primary care clinics. Integrated care teams and leading healthcare organizations have used Secure-Mail to quickly and safely share patient data across information silos for over a decade. 

Organizations and individuals from more than 90 healthcare professions and specialties use Secure-Mail. They log in to their accounts to send and receive private information with the utmost safety and convenience. The whole team can be kept informed in one easy-to-follow communication thread with up to 20 recipients on each secured message. Plus, caregivers and patients can be included in communications to support transparency, accuracy, and engagement.

Enhanced health information exchange across healthcare teams

The plan for Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Care System (MAPS) emphasizes improved inter-professional data exchange. The goal is improved decision making and more efficient patient care. Three key components of MAPS, Integrated Care Networks, team-based care, and digital health technology adoption, fit with how clinics already use Secure-Mail.

Secure-Mail contributes to improved decision-making and efficient patient care in several ways:

  1. Safe Digital Communication:

      • Encrypted Connection: Secure-Mail communications between healthcare providers, patients, and other entities are always encrypted in transit and at rest, protecting sensitive health information from unauthorized access.
      • Privacy Compliance: Adheres to privacy regulation requirements beyond encryption to ensure compliance and prevent privacy breaches. 
  1. Streamlined Data Exchange:

      • Expedited and Inclusive: Digital health information exchange eliminates paper-based labour-intensive processes, such as fax and mail, to accelerate communication with anyone. 
      • Asynchronous Communication: Data exchange is not contingent on schedules and can be completed with a single send to eliminate the need for cycles of follow-up.
      • A Single Unified Channel: Unlike fax, phone, mail, and EMR add-on messaging services, Secure-Mail allows you to communicate with the entire care team, patients, and caregivers at once. There’s no need to send and compile multiple messages and responses; all communications are grouped in a single thread. 
  1. Improved Coordination of Care:

      • Multi-Provider Access: Secure-Mail allows multiple healthcare providers to securely share patient information, ensuring everyone involved in a patient’s care has up-to-date information.
      • Specialist Referrals: Secure-Mail simplifies the referral process. Sharing necessary health information is always secure and efficient. Specialists have achieved a 90% reduction in wait times with Brightsquid’s secure email service. 
      • Patient Inclusion: When patients are included on messages regarding transfers of care, they can provide additional insights that help complete data and expedite care.
  1. Enhanced Patient Engagement:

      • Patient Communication: The service enables secure communication with patients regarding appointment reminders, test results, and health advice, improving patient engagement and adherence to care plans.
      • Prevent Patient Portal Fatigue: Patients can access their health information and communicate with their entire care team securely in one place, fostering transparency and involvement in their own care. When every provider uses a unique and siloed portal, patient adoption goes down due to confusion and the difficulty of managing multiple accounts.
  1. Reduction in Errors:

      • Accurate Information Exchange: Reduces the risk of errors associated with faxing or mailing documents, as information is exchanged securely and directly.
      • Privacy Breach Prevention: Secure-Mail has built-in safeguards that eliminate the possibility of privacy breaches that are common in healthcare settings.
      • Audit Trails: Maintains detailed records of all communications, providing accountability and traceability, which is crucial for resolving any discrepancies and potential investigations.
  1. Cost and Time Efficiency:

      • Reduced Administrative Burden: Minimizes the need for physical paperwork, reducing administrative tasks and associated costs. Clinics reduce overhead consumable costs by as much as $1000/month.
      • Quick Information Sharing: Facilitates rapid sharing of health information, which can lead to faster decision-making and improved patient outcomes. No waiting for the mail. No wondering if the fax actually went through.
      • Accelerated Workflows: Clinics have measured a 75% reduction in referral processing time after switching to Secure-Mail.

Enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of health information exchange:

By leveraging Brightsquid Secure-Mail, primary care clinics can enhance their health information exchange processes. These enhancements lead to improved efficiency, accuracy, and better overall quality of patient care. Secure communication, streamlined workflows, improved care coordination, patient engagement, error reduction, and cost efficiency contribute to better decision-making and patient outcomes.

Our successful completion of the SOC 2 Audit proves you can trust the confidentiality of data transmitted over Secure-Mail.