Partners in Team-based Care – Chiropractors

Optimized patient care takes a team-based approach.

At the fourth monthly meeting of the Connected Healthcare Community, Cecilia Bloxom, CEO of the Chiropractic Association of Alberta, explained the pivotal role of chiropractors as integral for optimized patient outcomes through team-based care.

In short, team-based care is a model of healthcare delivery in which many health professionals work together to support patient outcomes. Markedly, research has proven a connection between team-based care and higher rates of some measures of quality of care as well as lower rates for some measures of acute care utilization. Likewise, well-integrated care teams also reduce clinician burnout and can reduce the overall cost of care.

According to the College of Family Physicians of Canada, “A high-performing team is essential to creating a more comprehensive, coordinated, and effective care delivery system centred on the patient’s needs.” The Canadian Medical Association argues that Canada needs more team-based care, in part because inter-professional health teams allow providers to focus on the work they do best.

Get to know the strengths across the care team.

Chiropractors are highly educated healthcare providers with unique expertise that can alleviate pressure on our overburdened healthcare system. Learn how chiros can diagnose and treat a range of patient complaints while providing world-class care for spinal, muscle, nerve, and joint conditions. Further, you’ll discover more about the difference the CAA and its members make in their community in the name of optimized patient outcomes through team-based care.

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